Marty's Fiend

Simon: Hi Marty.

Marty: You're late.

Simon: Sorry. So how are you feeling?

Marty: Like shit.

Simon: Are you going to eat today?

Marty: Nope.

Simon: Have you tried those exercises?

Marty: All I can do is move my head. No movement anywhere else. See?

Simon: It's very rare to suddenly become paralysed for no reason. You haven't been involved in a serious accident. Emm... Would you tell me again what happened?

Marty: I was on a park bench reading, then I became aware of someone watching me.

Simon: And the description you gave, run that by me again.

Marty: Oh Lord... his eyes were red like blood. His skin was green like spinach. He wore a blue hat with a yellow feather in it. His teeth were enormous. He looked like the devil, only in drag.

Simon: And since this sighting, you have remained paralysed?

Marty: Yeah.

Simon: Emm...

Marty: I think he wants you.

Simon: Who?

Marty: The fiend.

Simon: So he talks to you?

Marty: Yeah. Sometimes.

Simon: That's interesting.

Marty: Is it?

Simon: And what does he say?

Marty: It's a secret.

Simon: Has he told you not to tell anyone?

Marty: Nope.

Simon: No.

Marty: He's here.

Simon: Where Marty. Over there. What, in the wardrobe?

Marty: Don't.

Simon: Don't open it. Why not Marty? Theres nothing in here.

Marty: Don't.

Simon: Arrghh!

Marty: No. Not again.

Simon: Help me. Arrghh!

Marty: I can't. I can't. I told you. I can't. No, not his arm. No, no, not his head. No stop! Please don't eat his head...

Five minutes later.

Marty: Hello nurse.

Nurse: Mar... Marty... What... Ha... have... you... done?

Marty: It wasn't me. It was him. I'm paralysed you stupid bitch. It's the fiend. He... he's laughing at me, make him stop.

Nurse: Emergency... I need assistance here. Anyone hear me.

Marty: I didn't kill him. I didn't do this.

Nurse: What the...

Marty: Hey nursey, I think he wants you.


  1. Good stuff. I liked it. It shifted my thinking a couple times. Nice.

  2. Hey Mr. Cool, thanks so much, your comment means a lot.

  3. Good little story. I see darkness in this story and imagine all sorts of weird and wonderful things bubbling under the surface.

  4. Thanks Neil. I appreciate your comments :)

  5. The devil in drag - what a thought!
    In my world, the devil lives at the bottom of the garden...