A man stands at the door. He watches. He waits. He tells me I'm too slow. Can't he see I'm stuck in limbo. His nails scratch the grey paint. I scream "Take my life. I don't want it." He whisks up a meal. I tell him I'm not fucking eating that. He roars. I leave. I want to know where I'm heading. No, fuck it, I want to lose myself. Hold my hand. I'm afraid. Lets pretend this isn't happening. I shift my feet around. I giggle. I act naive. I let the fuckers think they have won. Piece by piece I soak it all up. Ugly head, ugly tears, ugly girl. What are you doing? Little girl with nothing to say. Are you lonesome? Why the hell do you toy with my mind? I'm gonna wait here on this doorstep and...


  1. Ooh.. is there more?

  2. Man, that woman is stuck in a rut. I liked it even better the second time through.

  3. Thanks for reading it. (twice) :)