The Vampire Flick Part Seven

You can read Part Six here http://theoddramblingsofajbrown.blogspot.com/

As Scarlett walks down the street her anger starts to subside. Now moving at a slow pace she finds herself finally giving in to sleep after many nights of unrest. Scarlett lays herself down on a patch of grass and closes her eyes. After a few minutes Scarlett is woken up by a cold hand on her shoulder. She looks into the darkness of Christopher's eyes. Scarlett knows it's time.

Along the dark path, hand in hand, Christopher leads her to the graveyard. Scarlett notices that Augustus is already there. Augustus hands Scarlett his offering. She sits herself down and carefully unravels the cloth. Scarlett is alarmed at how peaceful the creature looks when it's sleeping. The clock strikes midnight. "Now." Christopher demands. "Scarlett, kill it now or you know what will happen." But just as Scarlett braces herself, they hear a sudden noise. Something is shifting, moving closer.

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The Vampire Flick

The Vampire Flick is an online story which hopefully will be written by many authors.

The idea is that you write your contribution based on reading only the proceeding part and at the end we will have an interesting story. If you are interested in taking up the challenge, post on your blog/site with a link to Part 7. Also post a comment below if you are taking up the challenge to continue this story.


The Vampire Flick Part One

You can read Part 2 here http://neil-colquhoun.blogspot.com/

She can't deny it any longer. The persistent voice inside her head tells Sasha that her big sister isn't an ordinary girl.

"Do all big sister's fly?" Sasha asked.

Grandpa replied "Only the bad ones."

Sasha puts her sweater on over her pj's and follows Scarlet along the railroad track. Suddenly in the murk and dust, a shadowy figure appears.



I watch Jack laying still. His breath feels so cool on my face. I could almost cry, but I won't. I prod him just to be sure then I cut further into the wound. Deeper and deeper. I don't mind the butchery. I don't mind the blood. He stole my heart. Now I want his.