It's a hot summers day in Kansas. Everyone is feeling lazy except Fritz the Schnauzer. He is so excited. "Woo Woo" he says. Brett has left the back door open and Fritz takes this opportunity to give him the slip. Fritz has been scheming for some time about an escape plan. Finally his chance has arrived. He dances, hops and skips down the road in complete joy.

Fritz is on a mission. He is going to England. He has a friend living there who is lonesome and needs his hugs. And Fritz being a loving kind of guy wants to make her happy. But Fritz has never ventured far before. He's feeling a bit scared. He grinds his teeth as he looks on. He's careful not to make a scene. With his nose to the ground and his eyes fixed on the horizon, Fritz is about to stow away. He stands in awe of the ship, of its magnificent size and splendor. The people step onto the ship. Fritz boards unnoticed. "Woo Woo" he thinks to himself.

A few hours pass. Fritz is hungry, scared and lonely. He misses Brett. He sheds some tears then shakes his head and sighs. Fritz thinks it's going to be a long night. He misses his toy frog too.

Morning arrives. Fritz is starving. Just then a little boy walks by. He is carrying a bottle of water and some biscuits. Fritz greets him and wags his stumpy tail. He raises his paw. The boy shakes it. Then the boy tells Fritz his name is Danny as he offers him a biscuit. The boy says he can't hang around but before he goes he gives Fritz another biscuit and a sip of his water. The little boy waves goodbye. Fritz liked that boy.

Fritz has made it to England and strides safely off the ship. He uses his sniffer dog magic nose to seek out the place where they arranged to meet. But oh dear Fritz is running late. He moves fast to his destination puffing and panting all the way. On arrival he can't see her anywhere. "Woo Woo I am too late." he sadly cries. Just then he hears a friendly voice. "Fritz. Hey Fritz, I'm over here." Fritz spins round and bounces towards her. They hug. Fritz gives her licks which make her giggle. The lady strokes his head. Fritz likes. It feels good. He thinks to himself we're going to get along just fine. And like two long lost buddies they walk off happily down the road.


  1. Now Fritz is gone. :-( I hope he's happy, that's all that matters. Guess I'll have to go get myself a new buddy.

  2. Aw don't worry Brett. He will come home to you some day soon.

  3. He's sitting right here (thank goodness). Your story is powerful and moving. Very emotional.

  4. Thank you for your kind words.

    You & Fritz are awesome. :)