Just Another Sad Tale

In the humdrum city there was little to occupy their minds with. Catch up with old acquaintances, its all meaningless, small talk drifts like sand. Lola finishes packing her suitcase. She dreams of something better. But she's dreamt this dream a thousand times. Reality holds the upper hand. It always disappoints.

Lola decides to take one last walk, to the park where they laughed, to the cafe where they reminisced. For a few moments Lola surrenders to the tranquillity of the lake but she soon grows restless. She tears herself loose from mere delusions, knowing that life is just too inconsistent to say for sure if anything is real.

Lola hates the old house. She takes off all her clothes and throws them out with the garbage. She drinks her coffee. Then once more, Lola reads his note and cries 'What's the fucking point' as she devours a handful of pills and crawls off to bed.


  1. Poor Lola.
    She hangs onto her old memories, trying to draw something from them in an attempt to pull her back from the brink.
    But it's fruitless and she cannot see a way out except for shuffling off this mortal coil.
    Nice tale.
    Concise and to the point.

  2. Thanks Neil. I appreciate that.