Interview with Tom Young

Tom Young stars in Jayson Densman's new movie 'Party Girl.' Here he talks about working on the movie and his acting career.

Q. Can you tell us something of your background. When did you decide you wanted to be an actor.

A. I've always been interested in acting but I wasn't raised to think outside the box. My father was old school and the Springsteen song the "River" comes to mind "they bring you up to do what your daddy done" It wasn't till I went to my 10 year high school reunion that I realized I wasn't doing what I wanted to be doing and I set about changing that.

Q. What other films have you been in.

A. Lots of low budget Indy films. "The Protector" played a lot on Showtime. I was in "Fat Girls" but got edited out, but I was Justin Bruennings dad which was cool, he's good looking and he went on to be the new Knight Rider. I like to say a chip off the old block. I've got several films that I've finished in the past year and I'm waiting for them to be released. I'm on IMDB if you want to look up some of the films I've been in. Also my website is

Q. Would you say the man you portray in Party Girl is the worst character you've played so far in your career.

A. That's hard to say. In "The Protector" I played a stalker. I was a Nazi interrogator in another. He's at or near the top of the list.

Q. Do you have any sympathy for your character in Party Girl.

A. Yes. You have to be somewhat of a sad character to drug and rape someone.

Q. Did it effect you playing a rapist.

A. No. I'm not a method actor. Plus Candace is a friend of mine so it wasn't that bad.

Q. Did you do any research and how did you prepare for the part.

A. Yes, I actually watched interviews of death row serial killers just to see where their heads were.

Q. Would you say your character sees himself as a hero or does he see himself as the villain.

A. It's pretty much obvious he's definitely the villain. If it wasn't for him there wouldn't be a Party Girl, or would there? But there's one thing I learned as an actor, bad guys don't think they're bad guys, so don't play it like that because it becomes cartoonish. Did Hitler think he was a bad guy, Saddam Husein? No.

Q. Were you disappointed that you weren't caught, mutilated and killed by Party Girl.

A. Ah, No. That means I'll be around for a sequel.

Q. What was it that appealed to you about your character when you first read Dustin LaValley's script.

A. That he was responsible for the whole thing. Or so he would have you believe.

Q. How did you find acting the rape scene.

A. It was all choreography. Get that right and the scene plays itself.

Q. What actors inspire you and if you could choose an actress and director to work with, who would they be.

A. Johnny Depp. He is so versatile. He can play anything. Pam Anderson, just because she's Pam Anderson. The Coen Brothers.

Q. Are you currently working on a new film.

A. I've just wrapped "A Tangled Web" where I play a seedy private detective. It was a cool role. I thought it was a minor part when I auditioned and it turned out to be the lead. I'm in pre-production for a film I wrote "The Dancer" I plan on starring in and directing it. Candace Porter will be in it too. I'm in the process of getting a producer.

Q. Good luck with "The Dancer" and thank you for the interview. Do you have any advice for up and coming actors.

A. I would say study the craft. Take lessons from as many different coaches as you can. I can't tell you how many actors I've met that think you're either born with it or you're not. That couldn't be farther from the truth. And do it because you love it, not because you want to be a star or rich. There's a lot of rejection and very few actors are actually able to make a living doing this, so you've got to love it.