The River

She waits by the river. Alice knows it's over. She watches the ripples in the water and wonders why they make her feel so calm. Alice is feeling old, too old to change. She knows your negativity has brought her here.

Alice tries to catch her tears as they fall into the river. She sobs knowing there is no other way. She has always stored her memories as if they were gold but today Alice is unlocking them. She must let go. She watches as her memories drift into the river, many dark, some shimmer and shine. Alice watches as each and everyone flows downstream. Finally, she says goodbye to the friend she never had.

A forest full of trees tower above her, rows of flowers loom and the birds sing their morning song, at last Alice feels at peace. She removes her clothes. Alice is surprised at how warm the water is. She closes her eyes, descends and lets the river take her...


  1. Sometimes the Sadness takes us downstream, and there is no way to explain it to the Rainbow Children.

    A fine moment here, Marilyn.

  2. Powerful.

    How about telling us where the river takes her. What she sees on the banks of the river. The places she crawls onto the bank to experience new adventures.

    Her story doesn't have to end here.

  3. Thank you. Good ideas. I might add more at some point.

  4. Cheap imitation. I liked Cinnamon much better.

  5. Brett, my imitations are never cheap.