Interview with Dustin LaValley

Dustin LaValley first wrote 'Party Girl' as a short story in his book 'Lowlife Underdogs' published by Raw Dog Screaming Press. Party Girl has now been made into a film, directed by Jayson Densman.

Q. Party Girl is more than just a pissed off woman, could you briefly tell everyone what the story is about.

A. Sure. Party Girl begins and remains an innocent soul, a victim turn judge, jury and executioner.

Q. When you first viewed the Party Girl film what was your initial reaction, has it done justice to your script and were many changes made.

A. There were changes made, but all were in my approval which I thank Jayson for making sure I got a hand in editing. My first viewing could be summed up in the words "Holy Goddamn!" I believe those were my first words after viewing it the first time, after the second time and thirds I just kept thinking wow!

Q. Do you think (or hope) many people will be shocked by some of the violence in Party Girl.

A. I'm hoping they will be shocked, yes. If it shocks them, it is more likely to stick with them, behind their eyes when they go to sleep and on their tongue the next day to spread in their circle of friends.

Q. The subject matter is powerful, are you trying to say something in this film or is it pure slasher entertainment.

A. I am attempting to speak out, it's not only a slasher film, I consider it a psychological slasher. The states have done very little to protect the population. The revolving door is more than a cliche it's an accurate euphemism. Sex offenders are 90% likely to become repeat offenders upon their release.

Q. Did you have any say in the film directions or were you happy to leave that task to Jayson and crew.

A. Jayson and Pat, Candace and Tom, Evil John Mays and the rest of the crew... everyone treated me with respect, they were great and are great people. I was allowed much input, many times things would not move forward until one of the crew had my input. And I thank them all very much.

Q. What was it like to be a victim of your own Party Girl. :-)

A. Surreal. I may use that word too much describing the events that took place on the shoot, as it was very much like what I had in my head when visualizing the film. It was a lot of fun to get cut up and bloody.

Q.There are many horrific, blood splattering scenes, what would you say is your favourite scene in the Party Girl film.

A. I couldn't pick a favourite, I could pick favourites but that would be like the girlfriend telling you it's her or the dog, a hard decision, though I would most likely be the one to keep the dog. Okay, for me it would be very easy, the dog stays and goodbye... But, where are we... Okay, one of my favourite shots is when the first kill happens, the look on the victims face as he sees Party Girl aiming a shotgun at him...

Q. Do you have any other scripts that have been turned into films, if so what are they.

A. Yes. Rise of the Ghosts was the first, for SV Bell/Black Flag Pictures. A good sci-fi/horror feature. I also wrote the short nod to the 80s slasher, You're Next 3: Pajama Party Massacre for NFTS Productions as well as the segment "Dinner Date" for the anthology feature Terror overload, also for NFTS productions.

Q. Are you writing another script at the moment.

A. Currently I'm working with a production company on their second feature film which I have great expectations for and I also have a few short films in pre-production. I can't give much more information but I can tell you that they will be splendid, entertaining and fun.

Q. Who are your favourite writers, how have they inspired you. And what is your favourite film.

A. Easily, my top authors are Edward Lee, Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Ketchum, John Edward Lawson and Ronald Damien Malfi. Each has their own unique voice, whether it be extreme hardcore horror or subtle and psychological, they are in my opinion the top of the field. For film, Terry Gilliam, Quentin Tarrantino, and David Cronenberg and of course... Mel Brooks. As like the authors above, all have a very unique and special talent that they bring to film and without the influence of said authors and screenwriters, I most likely would not be participating in this interview.

Q. Does your daily life have an effect on your creative life and do you write everyday.

A. Everyday life has definite input, most of my stories have been sparked by a situation close to the plot or motif of the story. Everyday I do attempt to write, but with political strife at home and abroad, how can one sit and type all day? No, I don't get to write everyday but I do attempt to.

Q. How would you sum up Party Girl.

A. Party Girl is the result of the primal urge that unfortunately too many of our species haven't outgrown. She is brought to life by an event of sexual abuse and takes it upon herself to set into motion the hand of self-righteous justice. A very brutal and violent penalty that will not give any sway for repeat offenders.

Dustin, thank you for the interview, it's been a pleasure.


  1. scary scary - great insights into the film though, congratulations.

  2. Good interview. I question some of Dustin's information, though. His reoffence rate of 90% is more than double the figure I have seen in any reliable study. Across studies, sex-offenders in general and rapists in particular are actually less likely to reoffend than convicted criminals in general.

    I'd be really interested to know where Dustin's 90% comes from.