Her Calling

It was a flash in the day. It was a crack. She wipes the tears. You are under her skin, you are in her hair, you are driving her crazy. Julianne screams 'Why the new girl. Why not me? Shit, shit, shit, my head is so fucked up' then slams down the phone.

After the hours pass she remembers the most. The day you said goodbye, Julianne never saw it coming, your words knocked her like punches. She was dead on the floor for days. Now she has risen.

You are everywhere but you're not here. What can she salvage, did you really take it all? Unhook this fish, free this demon. Julianne shivers and laughs like a little girl. She is suspended. She spends her last seconds afraid. She spends her last seconds watching the hangman.

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