The man in the long black cloak

There's a fire in his soup. He chuckles as he bites the flame. The man in the long black cloak says he can't untie my hands for a while. I don't protest.

He looks out the window. Who is he waiting for? He utters something under his breath. There is a knock at the door. A man enters, tall, thin and disgustingly ugly. 'Meet Mr. Mold' the man in the long black cloak says.

Mr. Mold spooks me. He unfastens the zip on his coat to reveal a blood soaked shirt. He removes both garments and rummages through his bag and puts on a clean t-shirt. Mr. Mold stares at me with his evil protruding eyes. Eyes that want to pop like a cork. 'Nice to meet you little girl.' Mr. Mold takes out a jam jar from his bag. Slugs squirm inside. He place the jam jar on my face, it is cold and I turn my head quickly. The jam jar smashes to the floor. A slug lands on my shoe. Mr. Mold howls. As he is doing so, I notice his tongue. Yikes, it's green! I kick him. He pulls my hair until the man in the long black cloak yells 'Stop this tomfoolery.'

Both men are at the other side of the room. Not talking, not watching but waiting.

The man in the long black cloak walks towards to me. 'So will you tell me now?'

Figuring I have nothing to lose, I tell him I will.

It's cold outside but my hands are free.

We reach the place and wait.

Heavy footsteps march towards us. The men stand and reach in their pockets for their guns.

Gracefully, the creature makes itself known. Its mouth is foaming. Its eyes are like jewels. Its tail is like colours of the rainbow. Each spike has a different colour. The creature is awesome.

The two men point their guns at the creature but hold their fire.

The creature races forward. Grabs Mr. Mold. Mr. Mold vomits. The man in the long black cloak looks on. He is stunned. He staggers before the fall. I am swimming in delight as I watch the carnage.

Once it's over the creature dances with me. We dance under the blue moonlight. We dance and dance and dance...

Early morning: I wake up in my bed. The man in the long black cloak is waiting for me.


  1. Very surreal and strange--excellent, Marilyn! :)

  2. Thank you. Your comment means a lot to me. :)

  3. Alright Marilyn, very cool story! Enjoy your dance:)

  4. This is the one I like - strange, dark and menacing.
    This appeals to me a lot.

  5. Thanks Neil. I appreciate that.

  6. Yep, surreal for sure. I like the ending.