Down the Pub

I fumble in my pockets for some coins. Determined to outrun these desolate thoughts, I stride down to the local bar, imitating the motions of a drunken fool. In here the locals are vulgar and brash and the conversation never fails to amuse. Tonight, I need any distraction from what I have become.

Enjoying the music, we sing along to the jukebox. We talk in jest, banter and wisecrack until it all becomes too much. I shun them and consider my options. Feeling coy, I turn for another beer. I wait a few minutes, then a few minutes more. By now I'm growing impatient. I bang my fist with force and a few heads turn. Feeling embarrassed I turn to leave but as I do, I see you standing by the door. I catch my breath. I feel your attraction and you draw me in like a voluptuous dream.