The Outing

Tim wants to go outside but he doesn't have a raincoat. He hates the rain, he hates being wet, he hates the sound, he hates... Utterly pissed off, Tim curls up in a ball inside the wardrobe and remains there for what he believes to be about six hours. Once Tim is sure the rain has stopped, he steps outside the wardrobe, stretches, opens the curtains and smiles as he sees the sun peeking through the clouds. "Fucking Hallelujah,” he thinks before heading down to the garden shed. Tim fetches out a large bag, which he struggles with as he puts it over his shoulder.

Tim whistles as he walks down the street. All of a sudden he comes to a halt. He has seen her. "Yes, this is she. Who else could it be?" Inquisitively he watches as she walks to the underground station. Tim follows as the lady dashes for the tube. Once inside, Tim coyly observes her. He is amazed at how young she looks. He likes her long golden hair, her pink high heel shoes, and her long legs...

The lady makes her way off the tube. Tim follows.

She walks into a department store. Tim has never been in a store like this. Tim has never been anywhere much. He has lived his life as a recluse. He only ventures out on special days and he feels that today is one of them. He looks on as the friendly lady greets people, flicking her long golden hair each time she joyfully laughs. Tim is so entranced by her that he hasn't noticed a few people looking his way. A woman walks towards him "Can I help you?" Tim stares at the woman for a few seconds. He begins to sweat and blinks his eyes rapidly. Tim takes a few steps back before heading for the exit.

"Why is everything so damn fucking complicated" Tim moans to himself while he sits on a bench and waits. A passer-by glances over and Tim gives him the finger. He hates waiting, this wasn't how he planned it and as each hour passes Tim becomes more impatient. At last he sees her leave the department store and once again she is heading for the underground. Once again Tim follows. He follows her home.

He is now at her door. He rings the bell.

"Hello. It's Tim"


Tim forces his way in. Slams the door shut. They fight. She bites and screams then with one swift blow Tim knocks her to the ground. She is unconscious. As she lies on the wooden floor Tim unzips his bag. He takes out a hammer, a saw, and a knife amongst others. He looks at her, hesitates some until a voice whispers "Come on Tim, you know this will be so entertaining."


  1. Well he certainly adds dangerous to his creepy tag, eh? Good story!

  2. Found this from Eric's RT — wow, nice portrayal of the creepy stalker. You managed to make him almost sympathetic until the end.

  3. another great piece of work marilyn think tim needs help hahaha! i wanted the story to be abit longer found it went to quick but hey its not suppossed to be a novel loved it!!

  4. Thank you for reading it. Its a friday flash, so I kept it short but hey maybe I will write something longer for you next time if my muse agrees :-)

  5. Thankfully my definition of entertaining is slightly different. Great piece Marilyn.