Cinnamon has waited with anticipation for this day all week long. Today is her twenty-fourth birthday. But she has no reason to celebrate. Without any cards or birthday wishes she feels beat and low, her mind spins like a coin tossed into the sea. Cinnamon looks at her watch. It's twelve 0' clock. She takes the watch off her wrist and throws it into the cold water. A momentary joy feels her heart but then it’s overshadowed by the darkness that’s always beside her. Cinnamon takes a bar of chocolate out of her bag.

As she is enjoying her chocolate she hears a child laughing. She looks to her left. On a bench sits a child and her mother. Like two stars, they radiate. The mother hugs her child lovingly. A man appears and embraces the child. Cinnamon wishes she were this child. She looks to her right. A man is walking his dog. A passer-by stops to greet the dog. The two men talk enthusiastically. The owner strokes his dog with tenderness. Cinnamon wishes she were this dog. She sheds a tear.

Cinnamon moves towards the edge. She removes her shoes and throws them into the cold water. Her toes have made it over the edge; her heels briefly hold her back. She spreads her arms wide. Cinnamon is flying. She feels elated.

Then falls with one hell of a splash.


  1. I like the contrast of the middle paragraph being all pleasant sensations bookended by the other two of her misery. She is an outsider in that she can't seem to have what the others have, simple pleasures, yet she can appreciate them from outside. Sad.

    marc nash

  2. If I had been drinking something while reading that last line, I would surely have sprayed it all over the screen. Thanks!

  3. Thank you both for your comments. Donald Conrad, I take that as a compliment then :D

  4. Good story. I agree that the contrast of the second paragraph makes the bookends much more powerful.

  5. love the way you have portrayed the girls thoughts as if they wee yours? it :) pienmash68

  6. Awesome closing! I love the quick gut-punch. Although maybe "lands" would be better than "falls."