Interview with Candace Porter

Candace Porter stars in Jayson Densman's new movie 'Party Girl.' Here she talks about playing the leading role.

Q. Can you tell us something of your background. When did you decide you wanted to be an actress.

A. Well... I grew up in Plano, Tx and had a bit of a rough childhood/teen yrs. I moved to Scottsdale, Az when I was 19 and then moved back to Dallas when I was 27. I did some modelling in Scottsdale and continued a bit when I got back to Tx, I was actually on a photo shoot when the photographer asked if I was an actress. He and his wife said I should go see an acting coach to see if I was interested. I LOVED it! So... I basically changed my whole life around, which is a bit scary.

Q. Do you think that Party Girl is a hero or a villain.

A. In my opinion, she is both. She is a villain in a way because she is a murderer, regardless of who and why she is killing. I believe she is also a hero in a way, due to the fact that she is keeping these men from hurting anyone else. She only kills rapist and pedophiles.

Q. Did playing Party Girl effect you at all and did you find it a challenging role.

A. Playing Party Girl did effect me a little because I had to go to a very dark place. I literally had to become someone who was mentally and emotionally scarred. I found it extremely challenging to become her. She is almost broken beyond repair. Her kills are so personal and she finds that it almost completes her as a person.

Q. Do you think Party Girl lowers herself to the same level as the rapist by taking out such violent revenges on sex offenders.

A. I think that is debatable. She is a killer, but she is killing the bad guys. I struggled a bit with that one myself.

Q. How did you feel about the rape scene.

A. This was my first time to do a rape scene, so I was terrified. I didn't think I would be able to deliver a realistic rape. Tom was wonderful coaching me through it. Once we began, it became very real. We left that night with scratches and bruises, but I think we were both happy with how it turned out.

Q. What do you think Party Girl was thinking when she was killing, how did you feel about acting out those scenes with all the blood, gory bits and mutilation and would you say Party Girl is a spirit or human being.

A. When Party Girl is killing, I believe she is thinking about him, the man who raped her. It was fun and disturbing to act out those scenes, there is so much hatred and blood. To me, Party Girl is very much a real person. Its really not far off to think someone could go off the deep end this much. She is in so much pain and deals with it the only way that makes sense to her. I honestly think she believes she is doing the world a favor and at the same time, she feels like she is getting justice.

Q. Would Party Girl think there was a difference between justice and revenge.

A. I think to her justice and revenge sort of run together. I believe in her mind its sort of a symbiotic relationship, with one comes the other.

Q. Do you sympathise with Party Girl and will it ever be enough for Party girl or will she keep on killing. Were you disappointed that she didn't find the man who raped her.

A. I have very much sympathy for her pain. She will always kill, in my opinion, as long as there are those who hurt others the way she was hurt. I was not at all disappointed that she didn't find him. I don't believe she was looking for "HIM" at all... just the essence of what he was.

Q. What actors inspire you.

A. The actors that inspire me are: Kate Blanchett, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jennifer Aniston, Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton and probably Scott Speedman. They all inspire me for very different reasons, but I admire them for their work.

Q. Are you currently working on another movie.

A. I am currently working on a movie Tom wrote. It might be one of the best ideas and scripts I have ever read.

Q. Thank you for the interview. How would you sum up Party Girl.

A. I would say that Party Girl is a psychological thriller and not horror, but that's just me. I truly hope we get the chance to make a feature. This has so much more potential than just being a short. The writer, Dustin LaValley, is seriously a genius. I hope I get the chance to work with him again.


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