The Vampire Flick

The Vampire Flick is an online story which hopefully will be written by many authors.

The idea is that you write your contribution based on reading only the proceeding part and at the end we will have an interesting story. If you are interested in taking up the challenge, post on your blog/site with a link to Part 7. Also post a comment below if you are taking up the challenge to continue this story.


  1. Sounds olike a fun project, but how do we insure that four people do'nt wirte part five and what sort of word could are you thinking about?

    Also yay, I made it to your blog.

    And also also Thanks For reading Jack Primus!!!

  2. Yayz! Thanks for following my blog. :)

    The person should leave a comment saying they want to do the next part. Hopefully, it will work out. You can write as many words as you like. Are you up for it?

  3. I did part 5 - in the process of uploading all the crucial info now.


  4. link didn't work...let's try again...

    Part Five

  5. Okay, I have part six. It's short. I'll be back with a link.