Interview with Jay Link

Cool rocker Jay Link, lead singer with LA hard rock band Death & Taxes talks about his new CD, the band and awesome things...

Q. How is the recording coming along on the forthcoming Death and Taxes CD.

A. The recording has been a slow process, over three years now and lots of money invested, but we are on track, Michael Cutting, our guitarist, will be finishing the guitar tracks by end of summer, and I will be finishing the vocals in an LA studio around the same time, then final mix and mastering by Brian Gardner in Hollywood, and we should have a very nice CD completed!

Q. Who is producing the CD. And what other musicians has he worked with.

A. Michael Cutting is producing, and he has been a member of Christial metal group Holy Soldier since 1985. We have also worked with Eric Falborg, who has produced Josh Groban among others.

Q. Do you all get along as band members. And do you socialize outside of the band.

A. Absolutely, I married Michael's sister Pamela in 1981, we had three children so Michael is now my ex-brother-in-law and uncle to my 3 adult children. We are all very close. Dave Starkey, my bass player, Michael and I have been playing music together since 1982, so we are like family. Yes, we socialize a lot outside the band...

Q. You have an amazing singing voice and an awesome image as the frontman of a rock band. As a kid did you practice in front of the mirror pretending to be a rock star.

A. Lol actually no, I was an extrovert as a kid, and was loud, obnoxious and wore wild clothes, I had no idea that would ever turn into a career and lifestyle... I was pushed into the singer job, cause no one else wanted it. Once I got under the lights and a microphone in my hand, well it was all over... lol.

Q. If you had to pick a favourite song on your forthcoming CD which one would it be.

A. New song called Drowning, it has a very Pink Floyd feel, and it's about getting knocked down in life and picking yourself up to fight again... I hope everyone will enjoy it.

Q. Is being in a band one long blast to you, if not, what are the pros and cons.

A. Pros - Being acknowledged for your songs and your talents, meeting so many cool people, travelling. Cons - Hard on family life, lot of personal sacrifices and a lot harder than it looks...

Q. Who are your music heroes and why.

A. I have so many - but my music heroes are all the undiscovered young men and women out there who struggle every day to get heard. There is so much talent and great music out there that just falls by the wayside because of lack of promotional money and people who need to survive sometimes just give up too soon. Those people are my heroes!

Q. Do you ever try to imitate any performers when live on stage.

A. Hmmm... I am quite an original and unique I have heard many say. I try to entertain and put on a show that will make you forget your daily grind and problems and bills... I guess my performing style is a cross between Freddy Mercury, Ozzy, David Lee Roth, not to say I'm anywhere near these guys, but I think I give it 110%, my heart, my soul, my pain, my joy, all comes out on stage, plus I am an MC of sorts for a huge party!

Q. You're very generous with downloads of your music. Would you say this is your way of saying thanks to your fans and also reaching out to new ones.

A. Absolutely, it's also a way of introducing our fans and friends to our music, and hoping they will support us and buy new music when it comes out.

Q. You have a huge Twitter following and there's talk of a Twitter show after the release of the CD. Can you shed any light on that.

A. Yes, we have a tentative date of August 18th at The Viper Room in LA. We want to do a show to meet our Twitter fans and friends in person, and will also do a live stream for the fans around the world!! Should be so much fun!!

Q. Do you feel privileged to be playing at The Viper Room. And what is the best gig you've ever done.

A. We feel privileged to play anywhere... lol. Seriously we have played all over the USA and have opened for many well known bands in our long career. I think my best show was in front of 20,000, outdoor at the Year of the Child Fest in Chicago, it was breathtaking playing in front of so many people!!

Q. What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you.

A. That's printable you mean... hahaha :-) We were playing in Kansas City Missouri, and the crew drove to Kansas City instead, so when we got to the real show, no gear, no equipment, no road crew, so I had a fit and fired everyone on the spot... Lol. I rehired them right away so they could get the gear to Missouri. It all worked out.

Q. If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why.

A. Probably my father. He passed in 1998, but he was a superhero to me. He was kind, generous, and really loved by all people. I hope that his legacy will somehow have rubbed off on me a bit, and I can carry on the joy and the good he brought to so many people.

Q. Thank you Jay, you rock. One last question, what advice would you give to someone just starting up a band.

A. Work hard, avoid drugs, alcohol, and practice your ass off. Remember this is first and foremost a business, if you don't have business experience, surround yourself with people who believe in your music and can help you, and most of all NEVER, never give up, believe in yourself, and with a little luck and the right timing, you could quite possibly achieve your wildest dream.

Jay, thank you for the interview, it's been a pleasure.

Thank you for these great questions Marilyn, you ROCK!!



It's a hot summers day in Kansas. Everyone is feeling lazy except Fritz the Schnauzer. He is so excited. "Woo Woo" he says. Brett has left the back door open and Fritz takes this opportunity to give him the slip. Fritz has been scheming for some time about an escape plan. Finally his chance has arrived. He dances, hops and skips down the road in complete joy.

Fritz is on a mission. He is going to England. He has a friend living there who is lonesome and needs his hugs. And Fritz being a loving kind of guy wants to make her happy. But Fritz has never ventured far before. He's feeling a bit scared. He grinds his teeth as he looks on. He's careful not to make a scene. With his nose to the ground and his eyes fixed on the horizon, Fritz is about to stow away. He stands in awe of the ship, of its magnificent size and splendor. The people step onto the ship. Fritz boards unnoticed. "Woo Woo" he thinks to himself.

A few hours pass. Fritz is hungry, scared and lonely. He misses Brett. He sheds some tears then shakes his head and sighs. Fritz thinks it's going to be a long night. He misses his toy frog too.

Morning arrives. Fritz is starving. Just then a little boy walks by. He is carrying a bottle of water and some biscuits. Fritz greets him and wags his stumpy tail. He raises his paw. The boy shakes it. Then the boy tells Fritz his name is Danny as he offers him a biscuit. The boy says he can't hang around but before he goes he gives Fritz another biscuit and a sip of his water. The little boy waves goodbye. Fritz liked that boy.

Fritz has made it to England and strides safely off the ship. He uses his sniffer dog magic nose to seek out the place where they arranged to meet. But oh dear Fritz is running late. He moves fast to his destination puffing and panting all the way. On arrival he can't see her anywhere. "Woo Woo I am too late." he sadly cries. Just then he hears a friendly voice. "Fritz. Hey Fritz, I'm over here." Fritz spins round and bounces towards her. They hug. Fritz gives her licks which make her giggle. The lady strokes his head. Fritz likes. It feels good. He thinks to himself we're going to get along just fine. And like two long lost buddies they walk off happily down the road.



A man stands at the door. He watches. He waits. He tells me I'm too slow. Can't he see I'm stuck in limbo. His nails scratch the grey paint. I scream "Take my life. I don't want it." He whisks up a meal. I tell him I'm not fucking eating that. He roars. I leave. I want to know where I'm heading. No, fuck it, I want to lose myself. Hold my hand. I'm afraid. Lets pretend this isn't happening. I shift my feet around. I giggle. I act naive. I let the fuckers think they have won. Piece by piece I soak it all up. Ugly head, ugly tears, ugly girl. What are you doing? Little girl with nothing to say. Are you lonesome? Why the hell do you toy with my mind? I'm gonna wait here on this doorstep and...


Just Another Sad Tale

In the humdrum city there was little to occupy their minds with. Catch up with old acquaintances, its all meaningless, small talk drifts like sand. Lola finishes packing her suitcase. She dreams of something better. But she's dreamt this dream a thousand times. Reality holds the upper hand. It always disappoints.

Lola decides to take one last walk, to the park where they laughed, to the cafe where they reminisced. For a few moments Lola surrenders to the tranquillity of the lake but she soon grows restless. She tears herself loose from mere delusions, knowing that life is just too inconsistent to say for sure if anything is real.

Lola hates the old house. She takes off all her clothes and throws them out with the garbage. She drinks her coffee. Then once more, Lola reads his note and cries 'What's the fucking point' as she devours a handful of pills and crawls off to bed.



Summer is coming to an end. Caroline waits. Her clothes are shabby and torn. She has no shoes. These are desperate times. Over the last few months it has become an obsession of hers to listen to the children playing outside in the backyard. Caroline wants to be loved. She pulls herself up from the floor and moves her silent self towards the stairway. But here Caroline loses her footing and plummets down the stairs. Her legs twang. Her head cracks. Moments pass, disorientated, Caroline slowly struggles back up the stairs. Her tiny hands hold up her rickety head. She manoeuvres into the bathroom. A raucous popping sound brings Caroline to her knees. An eye falls, followed by a mass of grey and pink coloured fibres. Caroline wants to feel the pain. The family's dog enters the bathroom. He observes, sniffs, then throws Caroline over on her side before he retreats unsatisfied.

Caroline lays still on the bathroom floor. Is she broken for good? A hand reaches out to her and carries her down the stairs. Caroline is outside. She hears the children. 'If only I could join them in their games' she thinks to herself. Suddenly, Caroline spins in the air. She lands face down in a heap of yesterdays waste.


The Drifter

A drifter picks up a hitchhiker. They cruise along the highway. The car radio is turned down low. The drifter hums. The hitchhiker is feeling uncomfortable as he fidgets for something to do. He looks at his watch several times before he speaks.

"Hey, thanks for the ride. I'm Jim. Whats your name?"

"Its immaterial." Replies the drifter, keeping his eyes fixed on the road.

"I'm a salesman." Jim continues." What do you do?"


"Nothing?" Jim looks down at his watch again.

"Are you late for something?"

"No. Im just looking. Hey, would you mind turning off that radio, I have an awful headache."

The men travel in silence for the next five minutes.

The drifter speaks. "Have you ever killed someone?"

Jim raisies his voice "What kind of question is that? "

The drifter continues. "If you had to kill someone how would you do it?"

"I couldn't. I..."

The drifter cuts him off. "I said if you had to."

Jim hesitates. "Emm... I'd probably shoot them. Bang Bang." He mimics the actions of a crazed gunman as he chuckles.

"Everyone does that."

"Stab them to death, you know like in Psycho."


"Throw them off a speeding train. That good enough for you?"

"No. And you watch too many movies."

"Hey, I could kick the shit out of them." Jim adds.


Jim chuckles. He's almost enjoying the conversation now. "Okay, I have a good one. If someone had really pissed me off, I'd strap them down to the floor and pour hot motor oil down their throat. Ha.. good eh?"

"You're pathetic." The drifter sneers.

Jim snaps back. "Okay, Mr. good for nothing smart ass, how would you kill someone?"

"You really want to know?"

The journey is interrupted. The car stops. The drifter's stomach rumbles. He knows its time. He attacks...

An hour later, the drifter reaches a filling station. He steps out the car, yawns, stretches and looks up at the night sky. Then he turns and notices a young woman, looking bored, waiting for the next customer to show. As he walks through the door, he receives her with a mocking smile. She smiles back. Then he slides his tongue over his fat lips. The desire is too strong to fight.


Marty's Fiend

Simon: Hi Marty.

Marty: You're late.

Simon: Sorry. So how are you feeling?

Marty: Like shit.

Simon: Are you going to eat today?

Marty: Nope.

Simon: Have you tried those exercises?

Marty: All I can do is move my head. No movement anywhere else. See?

Simon: It's very rare to suddenly become paralysed for no reason. You haven't been involved in a serious accident. Emm... Would you tell me again what happened?

Marty: I was on a park bench reading, then I became aware of someone watching me.

Simon: And the description you gave, run that by me again.

Marty: Oh Lord... his eyes were red like blood. His skin was green like spinach. He wore a blue hat with a yellow feather in it. His teeth were enormous. He looked like the devil, only in drag.

Simon: And since this sighting, you have remained paralysed?

Marty: Yeah.

Simon: Emm...

Marty: I think he wants you.

Simon: Who?

Marty: The fiend.

Simon: So he talks to you?

Marty: Yeah. Sometimes.

Simon: That's interesting.

Marty: Is it?

Simon: And what does he say?

Marty: It's a secret.

Simon: Has he told you not to tell anyone?

Marty: Nope.

Simon: No.

Marty: He's here.

Simon: Where Marty. Over there. What, in the wardrobe?

Marty: Don't.

Simon: Don't open it. Why not Marty? Theres nothing in here.

Marty: Don't.

Simon: Arrghh!

Marty: No. Not again.

Simon: Help me. Arrghh!

Marty: I can't. I can't. I told you. I can't. No, not his arm. No, no, not his head. No stop! Please don't eat his head...

Five minutes later.

Marty: Hello nurse.

Nurse: Mar... Marty... What... Ha... have... you... done?

Marty: It wasn't me. It was him. I'm paralysed you stupid bitch. It's the fiend. He... he's laughing at me, make him stop.

Nurse: Emergency... I need assistance here. Anyone hear me.

Marty: I didn't kill him. I didn't do this.

Nurse: What the...

Marty: Hey nursey, I think he wants you.


Have you seen Bobby Revellian?

The little bird in my garden keeps falling off the fence with excitement. 'What is it Joe?' I ask him inquisitively. 'I have some fab news' he chirps. Joe continues and tells me that Bobby Revellain has just given birth to himself. Joe decides I should go and investigate. I agree.

As soon as I arrive in New York, I'm on the phone making enquires. I ring Bobby's agent, his doctor, his bank manager, I even ring Oprah Winfrey. They all tell me the same line. 'Bob is out of town.' Then a genius plan slips into my mind. I will hire a detective.

Meet Sidney Rocco Rix. A handsome thirty-five year old, half yank, half Spanish. Cool enough to take as a lover and I do... But weeks pass, no sign of Bobby and my cash is running out. I fire Mr. Rix. I will set off to California. I'm heading to the home of Jeremy C Shipp. When I arrive he is in his garden writing. As soon as he sees me, he greets me with a warm smile. I'm feeling slightly embarrassed. There is a gnome performing a jig on his head. Jeremy seems oblivious to this fact. I look to the ground and shyly ask 'Have you seen Bobby Revellain?' He replies 'Have you lost him?' 'Yes' I answer. Jeremy says 'No. I haven't seen him for a while.'

I need a new plan.

I'm at the airport. Suddenly, a woman walks by pushing a pram. 'It's him, it's him.' I yell, jumping up and down as if I were attached to springs. 'Stop' I order the woman. She hurries by. I grab her arm but with so much force, I puncture her arm. The sight of blood makes her scream! Two cops materialize.

I am in a room with no windows, just a table and two chairs. I don't know the man sitting opposite me but I tell him everything. He escorts me to another room. This room is filled with hundreds of babies and they all have Bobby Revellian's face! The babies fix their eyes on me. Then these creatures start bawling and whaling. I reach for the door. It is locked. 'Shut up' 'Shut up' I shout. I cover my ears. I close my eyes.

Next thing I know I am falling down a wishing well. I make a wish...

I hear the words, lights, camera, action. I am on the Oprah winfrey show. She turns to me, smiles and says 'So Bobby, will you tell us about your new book.'